My name is Michael Satterfield but I go by Mike. I was born in Santa Ana California on November 3rd 1992. When my dad left the Marine Corps, we moved to Akron Ohio. I lived in Akron up until I turned 18 and joined the Air Force. I did my basic training at Lackland AFB and from there went to Vance AFB in Enid Oklahoma. After a year and a half I was moved to RAF Alconbury in England where I was stationed for 3 years. From there I moved to Altus AFB in Altus Oklahoma where I spent the last 5 years of my service.

Once I got out of the Air Force I decided to pursue a career I would love. I knew I wanted to work with technology and was struggling on whether I should get a CS degree or a degree in networking. I looked into some different programs at different schools and came across the cybersecurity program at the University of Cincinatti where I'm enrolled today.